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870 Hampshire Road, Suite P
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California License #LMFT 51609


California License #LMFT 51609


Do you ever feel like this?

One of my favorite movie lines is spoken by Melvin Udall (played by Jack Nicholson) who barges into his therapist's waiting area and asks a room full of patients, "What if this is as good as it gets?"

Do you find yourself asking that same question? Have you settled for an existence well below that of your dreams? Do you feel that change is out of your reach? Have you fallen prey to believing the negative things you say to yourself?

It doesn't have to be this way.

Your DNA was gifted to you, a culmination of choices made by generations before. Your parents made choices that determined where you lived, and to some extent, what you believed. But at this moment in time, the choices are in your hands. How will you take advantage of the opportunity to change the course of your life and those that follow you? Therapy can help you define and embrace who you are and who you can be.

Exciting developments in the science of neurobiology are showing that we can make physiological changes to our brains that impact persistent negative thought processes, depression and anxiety. Therapy can help you develop a personalized tool kit so you can literally get out of the rut you’ve created in your neural pathways.

Natasha Bedingfield gets it right when she sings:

         Drench yourself in words unspoken

         Live your life with arms wide open

         Today is where your book begins

         The rest is still unwritten*

Yes, the rest is still unwritten. I'd love to help you discover how you can write your story in a more meaningful, satisfying way.

I offer counseling for individuals and couples, and work with a wide range of relational, emotional, and behavioral issues, delivering services that span from therapy for depression, anxiety, and grief counseling to parenting support, couples counseling and beyond. In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, I provide a tailored and highly personalized approach to your individual needs to help you attain the personal growth for which you’re striving.

*From “The Rest is Still Unwritten”, written by Danielle Brisebois, Natasha Bedingfield, Wayne Rodrigues. Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

Shirley A. Miller, M.S., LMFT

Shirley A. Miller, M.S., LMFT